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Portfolio Audit



A Private Wealth Consultants Portfolio (PWC) Audit is a complete, objective, look at the holdings in your current investment portfolio. If you have mutual funds, PWC will analyze each individual mutual fund from the standpoint of internal expense, rate of return in relation to its corresponding index and underlying risk, the tenor of the managers who analyze the top ten internal holdings. We will look at the 1 year, 3 year, 5 year history performance of each fund including the alpha, beta, r-squared, sharp ratio, of each fund.


PWC will also analyze the individual stock holdings that are currently being held in your investment portfolio and look at the underlying company for their complete fundamental analysis as well as their executive contribution and overall performance.


PWC will also analyze individual bonds for their rate of return in relation to the amount of underlying risk as well as their liquidity and overall performance. 


Likewise with exchange rated funds; PWC will analyze the internal expense ratio and how well they track their corresponding index and overall performance.


In addition to the above, if the information is obtainable, PWC will look at the underlying platform and investment advisor that you are currently using and provide you with a complete description of that advisory firm and their underlying compensation; that information will assist you in determining the value you are receiving.


After completing the audit of your investment portfolio, PWC will present you with a detailed commentary of our overall impression of your portfolio, the diversification and the weighted risk that is being taken by your investments.


Please complete the form below, attach a recent snapshot of your investment portfolio or fax your request to (419) 842-0338, email to pwcltd@privatewealthconsultants.comto begin your audit. PWC will inform you of the receipt of your audit request and answer any questions you may have at that time. The PWC Audit process takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. Upon completion, a member of the PWC team will be in touch with you to schedule an office visit for presentation of your audit results. 

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